Bahatzer shel Ora (In Ora’s Yard) – Restaurant and Tour of a Unique Orchard
Moshav Kfar Maimon, Tel. 08-9941285, 054-4234833



An original Yemenite meal in a beautiful orchard
The visit includes a tour of its 120 trees, of 80 different kinds, some of them quite rare and exotic; and authentic Yemenite cuisine from Ora’s kitchenOra was born in Yemen and is married to Polish-born Reuven

Fruit delicacies from the garden are served as part of the meal, which takes place in a lovely corner under the fruit trees
The hospitality is meant for groups of 8 to 50, by advance telephone reservation
Suitable for every occasion

Kosher; closed on Shabbat and Jewish holidaysHomemade liqueurs and jams may be purchased as well


Dear Ruven (or should that be Reuven?), We are currently promoting Israel by letting people know that there is more to do in Israel than just visit historical sites. We use the term “Israel’s Hidden Gems” to describe all the unique and interesting things to see and do all over the country
I’m currently looking for examples of this, and came across your details on this website:

Your orchard is exactly the type of place that fits our “Hidden Gems” concept – I love your story and what you do looks amazing

I just wanted to pass on my best wishes and let you know how beautiful I think your place is. If I ever get to come to Israel on my own, I hope to book a visit.

Michelle R., United Kingdom

Dear Reuben and Orah
I have spent the last year looking for your correspondence and finally it
!was found
Around 5 years ago I visited your home and garden of Eden with a group of
women from the Village Shul in Toronto.  I will be in Israel this summer to
confirm locations I will be bringing a group of families to in the
spring…the goal of the trip is to connect families to the part they play
in Israel’s past, present and future, through acts of Hessed and by meeting
true heroes of the country, such as yourselves, people who have turned dust
and ashes into  a pulsing life like no other…I was wondering if I might
visit you during the  month of July ( possibly July 18?) to establish
,contact again and discuss when the best time would be to come with my group
price etc. I know that seeing the power of your emunah and your inspiring
vision will leave an impression on these families that is forever life
changing, and will hopefully inspire them to be the people and Jews that
.will continue to build our future
.I hope this letter finds you well, and look forward to your reply
.Kol Hakavod, Marla( Malka) Buck



ארוחה תימניתmenu

hot sauce (Yemenite)
fenugreek (plant)

hyssop whit olive oil
kubana, Yemenite bread baked in a closed pot
Yemenite pastry or rolls home made
Liker & cold drink from the fruit yard

.chicken, rice & vegetables , fresh vegetables and fruit preserve
3 kind of confiture’s from the fruit yard
herbs tea


Pictures from the visit of President Shimon Peres

ליקרים וקונפיטורות תוצרת בית
Address: Moshav Kfar Maimon, Tel. 08-9941285, 054-4234833
e-mail: ruven@bezeqint.net


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